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10 Summer Items to Store at AMJ Campbell
30 July 2019

10 Summer Items to Store at AMJ Campbell




We don't want to push Summer to go any faster, but Fall will eventually be here. Let's get a head start and  think about how you are going to store your summer items? Fall is a great time to prep these items and place them in storage for the winter months. If you prepare them properly, then you will be able to set them up easily in the spring and summer.

Whether you are storing your summer belongings at AMJ storage, in your garage, we have the solution for you. AMJ Campbell will take control and move everything into storage for you. We will bring the proper moving equipment such as furniture blankets to protect your patio table or moving boxes to pack up any smaller items. To start, take a look at our list of items you can put into storage during the fall and winter months with some tips to follow. 


Outdoor Furniture & Décor 

The cold weather and plastics don’t mix. Take our advice and properly store your patio furniture for the winter months. Before you start, examine all patio furniture, make sure the umbrella is free of rips and see any glass is cracked or broken. Make sure all furniture is clean and free of any debris. Take off the patio cushions, clean them and make sure they are completely dry. Once they are dry you can store them into a box or vacuumed sealed bag. If you have any wood furniture, make sure it is treated and sealed properly. Let the items dry out completely before putting into storage. 


Patio furniture can be stacked in your storage unit, legs can be removed from tables and any glass should be packed or wrapped in furniture blankets. Keep together any loose screws or bolts in a plastic resealable bag and keep them with the furniture. Make sure the plastic bag is labeled well. 



Lawn Care ItemsGarden Tools & Flower Pots

We don’t think you will be cutting your grass or planting any flowers during the Canadian winter months. To store your lawn mower, trimmers, weed whackers or any other lawn care accessories make sure all fuel and batteries are released. Wipe chrome and other metal surfaces with a little machine oil to help prevent rusting.  Make sure the bottom of the lawn more is completely clean and free of debris and old grass cuttings. 


After putting your garden to bed in the fall, you will likely have containers, garden tools, watering cans and other items you wont use until the spring. All smaller gardening items can be packed into a box or plastic tote. 


Pool & Beach Accessories 


It’s not likely you will be jumping into that open water in January, so clean up all floaties and water wings and put them into storage. 


Allow all items are dry and clean. They need to be able to breathe to make sure nothing gets mouldly or musty.  Make sure anything plastic like pool floaties don’t stick together. Pack these items in a box or plastic tote. 


Summer Sports Gear


Biking in the snow isn’t for everyone. If you are planning to store kayaks, canoes, bikes, always make sure the items are covered, even if it’s stored inside. Without covering you may risk damaging any foam or rubber materials.


Make sure they are wiped clean and dry before storing. 


Think about storing them on the ground or in a safe and secure place to prevent damage from the item falling. Have a furniture pad under the item to also prevent any moisture or dust. 


Camping Gear

Camping season is over and it’s time to put it away. Keep all gear in one place; store it in an airtight plastic tote or box. Please note to not store gear in plastic bags or garbage bags. Items like fabric will give off an odour especially if dirty and is more open to moisture. You may also use vacuum-sealed bags to eliminate moisture. Take out any batteries of any electrical devices like flashlights. They may corrode in time.


Summer Clothing


It’s time to put away your summer clothing for the cooler months since its not likely you will be wearing shorts in the middle of winter (unless you are planning to go on a holiday down south). 


There are a couple of options you can use to store your clothing; 


Store your clothes in clear plastic bins so they are easy to see inside and locate. 


For hanging clothes use wardrobe boxes to keep from damaging and wrinkling. Beware not to stuff the wardrobe boxes full. Allow room for clothes to breathe. 



Make sure clothes are clean and dry before storing. You can use dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh. 


If you are storing any leather items have items stored in an airtight plastic bin or vacuumed sealed bag to prevent any moisture. Make sure they are cleaned and treated properly and have allowed enough time to air dry. 


If storing boots, you can keep their shape by placing a pool noodle cut in small pieces or newspaper inside the boot. 


If storing shoes, place deodorizers inside the soles. 



Home Improvement Projects & Tools 

If it’s something you cannot finish over the wintertime, store it! Beware that you cannot store any hazardous materials such as, items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive:

Automotive or maintenance oil

Car batteries
Charcoal lighter fluid
Chemistry sets
Cleaning solvents

Lamp oil

Liquid bleach
Loaded guns

Food or motor oil
Paint thinner
Nail polish remover
Pool chemicals
Propane tanks
Weed killer


You can store any power tools you will not need over winter as well. Any smaller power tools such as screwdrivers, drills, hammers can be stored in a box or clear plastic bin for easy access. It is important to follow the cleaning and storage instructions, especially for larger power tools such as power saws or drills. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specifics. 

Make sure tools are clean before putting them into storage, be sure that they are free of dirt, grease and debris. You may need to coat the metal parts with a lubricant metal protector spray. If tools are stored on the ground always place a moving pad or old blanket underneath. 


Air Conditioner

Praise the open window at this time of year! It’s time to remove your air conditioner from the window and clean it properly. Be sure to remove the filter and clean it in warm soapy water. The filter should be completely dry before reinserting it. While you are doing this clean and dry the machine inside and out. Always make sure the air conditioner is standing up right while stored.  You may risk damaging the compressor if it is stored on its back or side.  Always cover the machine in a blanket or garbage bag to prevent dust entering. 



BBQ & Grilling Equipment

Rain, snow and cold weather can be hard on your BBQ. It’s best to put it away and keep it nice and safe so it’s ready to use next season. Have all the racks, burners and drip pans cleaned, it’s best to use a hard wire brush. Once cleaned and dry you can coat the racks with vegetable oil to keep rust off during the winter. Beware that we do not store gas or propane tanks. 



Last tips: 

Make sure to properly label each box or plastic bin with the appropriate contents inside. This will make it easier to locate. 


As you clean out your summer belongings, always take a look at all items before storing, check for damages or defects. If the item cannot be repaired, then throw it away. It’s best not to clutter up your storage space with unusable items. 


If you are looking for a AMJ storage rate, packing or moving service rate please contact AMJ Campbell Self Storage Ottawa. 


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