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Packing Breakables
23 May 2019

Packing Breakables

Do you have expensive china dishes, artwork or mirrors that have to be packed and moved with care? Here at AMJ Campbell we have boxes specially made for artwork in all shapes and sizes.

Packing Glasses and Dishes 

When packing a kitchen prior to moving it is a good idea to pack your china and glasses using the techniques described in this free video by AMJ Campbell Moving Company.




For artwork, (Depending on what size your painting is) we have small or large telescopic boxes that will make the box bigger if needed.

  1. Start by wrapping the framed artwork, pictures, canvas, paintings or mirrors with flat packing paper or bubble wrap. Once you are done this set the artwork aside safely. 
  2. Grab the picture box and tape the bottom flaps with packing tape. If you are packing a larger picture you will need the inner box enable to make it telescopic. The inner box will only have flaps on one end of the box, (this side of the box will be the bottom). 
  3. Next put lots of crushed paper in the bottom of the box. This will help support the frame of the picture incase it gets moved around while in transport. 
  4. Place the picture(s) into the box and make sure that there is crushed paper surrounding the artwork. We recommend only placing a couple framed in one box. For smaller framed pictures you can use smaller boxes such as a 2 cube, make sure it is placed stating up.  
  5. If you need the box to be taller this is when you can place the outer box or also known as the large picture box (this box will have two flaps on each end of the box) on top of the other box. You can adjust the size of the box by pulling it up and down. 
  6. Next place push the top flaps in and tape up the box. If you have the box set up with a telescopic box on top make sure to tape the box top to bottom or else the box will fall off while in transport.
  7. This is the final step of packing your picture box. When you are finished taping up your box place it against a wall so it will not fall over. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us  about packing up your breakables. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, give us a call and we can give you a free packing quote. 


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