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Storage tips for motorcycles
14 November 2018

Storage tips for motorcycles

Here is what the experts recommend for winter storage:

– Remove and store battery in a warm place and not on a concrete floor

– Replace a battery that has a cracked case or bulges indicating overcharging – it could leak causing significant damage

– If battery removal is not practical, use a battery tender or smart charger to maintain the battery at full charge

– Don’t try to charge the battery by periodically running the motorcycle for short periods. These short run cycles leave the battery in a discharged condition, making it more susceptible to sulfation – a common cause of lead-acid battery failure

– Short run cycles that don’t allow an engine to reach full operating temperature enables water, carbon dioxide and other corrosive elements to build up

– Change the oil and filter to prevent fuel and acid to accelerate corrosion. The recommended synthetic oil may be the best choice

– Water cooled engines should be given fresh extended life coolant at least every 50,000 kilometers

– Fill fuel tank completely with high-octane gasoline that does not contain ethanol. Ethanol can cause deterioration of gasket and rubber material. A full tank prevents moisture building up inside the tank

– Add fuel stabilizer to the full tank of gas

– If the motorcycle has a carburetor, evacuate all fuel from the line and carburetor by running engine with the fuel valve turned off until the engine stops

– Inspect tires and fill to proper pressure

– Clean and protect motorcycle surface finishes and chrome parts with protectorate like WD40 or LPS1 spray

– Cover motorcycle to protect from impact, dust or dirt

– Do not park motorcycle under pipes or other metal objects that can sweat or drip that could damage metal surfaces

– Store away from caustic material including fertilizer, pool chemicals, salts for icy roadways, water softeners or any other chemically reactive compounds


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