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Seniors face many challenges and important decisions at that stage of life, which on many occasions may involve a move which may also require storage. Moving can be extremely stressful whether having to move to a smaller home—move to a Seniors Residence—moving across the country and/or internationally to be closer to family.

AMJ Campbell  Self-Storage offer a “One-Stop” Solution for Seniors and their moving and storage needs. We are affiliated with AMJ Campbell , Canada’s largest moving network, therefore we can offer many value-added benefits  in addition to our premium storage services.

To ensure a stress-free move, we have experts familiar and sensitive to all the requirements and challenges of moving Seniors. We can assist with the planning process from start-to-finish and provide all necessary services to provide an easy transition to the new home. 

  • Assess your and your Family’s moving and storage needs
  • Providing a cost effective storage solution with the right size locker
  • Providing a Moving Check List
  • Assist with Planning your move and storage
  • Coordinating with all parties when moving to your new home
  • Seniors “Specific Discounts”:
      • 10 % Discount on Self-Storage Services
       • Seniors “Preferred” Discounts on Moving Services, Moving Boxes, and Packing Materials

  • Premium Self-Storage Facilities
  • Sale of Moving Boxes & Packing materials
  • Moving Services, whether local, cross-country, to/from USA or anywhere on the globe
  • If required, Packing and Unpacking Services

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AMJ Campbell Self Storage Ottawa

AMJ Campbell Ottawa Self Storage is your one-stop-shop for your moving and storing needs. We are affiliated with AMJ Campbell Van Lines which is Canada’s largest moving company; therefore, we offer not only storage services, but moving services as well! We also sell all the moving supplies you need to store or move your belongings.

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