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Make your New Home Cozy for the Winter Months
18 December 2018

Make your New Home Cozy for the Winter Months

The weather is getting cooler and the holidays are fast approaching. This is the time of year where you will spend most of your time indoors with family and friends. Having a inviting home that not only appeals to you but to your guests will make it enjoyable, memorable and a relaxing place.We want to help you make your new home as cozy as possible for you and your guests during the winter months. If you have recently moved into a new house and are wondering what to do to make it homier, we have a few tips for you.

The First Step (literally) - should be welcoming. Do not underestimate the amount of curb appeal you can add to your home while it’s cold outside. You can do it without making it feel Christmassy. Do this by, adding a cute welcome or hello sign, a doormat, a wreath and to add an extra touch, add a big leafy evergreen plant with some ornamental sticks on one or both sides of the door. Don’t forget to add a pop of colour.

Layers – Bring the coziness back to your home with fluffy or knit throws or pillows. Lay oversized pillows and blankets on your couches or chairs. There is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace with a warm blanket.

Your Rugs - It will make a difference if you swap your rugs, if it’s in your budget to do so. Change them from a thin rug to something a little plushier. This will add texture and warmth to any space.

Have furniture flow – Like we said above that it’s the time of year you will be hosting at your home. Have your furniture laid out so it is to get around. You may have to move the over sized chair from the living room to a bedroom for the time being. Try not to squeeze in as much furniture into one room. It will be hard for your guests to maneuver.

Greenery, Add Plants and Nature – This is simple, adding indoor plants will instantaneously feel better. Now that summer is long gone, the air is dry and cool. By adding plants, the airflow will improve and will bring all that moisture back inside.

A terrarium is a great idea for any room of the house. It allows you to have more than one type of plant inside. It will brighten up any room on a dark winter day.

Organize – The toys in the living room, the stack of bill on the counter, the mound of magazines on the coffee table should be put away or sort through before guests arrive.

Fragrance – Our sense of smell is usually remembered with a memory. Here’s the secret. Homemade fragrance. We think this works so much better than lighting a candle. It is natural and will add moisture back into the air like a plant. This recipe will sure have guests asking how to make it. All you need is a pot of water with a few drops of essential oils, a few spices such as cinnamon (in stick form), whole nutmeg, berries, cloves, rosemary and pine needles. You can add in basically anything you want. Citrus scents such as oranges and lemon also work well. Just let them simmer over the stove and let the aroma swift through the air.

Mix Match & Colour – Mix your soft materials with rich, vibrant colours. Add a shiny (lamp) to a matte (velvet) surface. Use colour in a way that will bring your eye around the room. Have a colourful painting on a wall across the room or fun lighting that will bring everyone into the room.

Add Warm Lighting – Now that the nights are longer, we will be staying indoors most of the time. You will most likely be lighting the room with lamps. Opt for a warm white LED light bulb instead of the cool white. This will instantly warm up your space and save you money. Another inexpensive way to add warmth is by lighting candles around the house. Candles make a room more intimate and will work great in any room or if you don’t have a fireplace.

Creating a welcoming space will give your guests the feeling they want to stay awhile and enjoy your company. How do you make your home cozy for winter? Let us know in the comments down below.

Don’t forget to check out our social media pages for more moving tips. We hope you are enjoying your new home. Tag us a long on how you make your home cozy for winter. 


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