Why declutter before you move? It saves time, money, lowers stress and eases unpacking and cleaning. - Ottawa Self Storage Blog/News

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Decluttering Before you Move
21 November 2018

Decluttering Before you Move

Question: Why declutter before you move?
Answer: 1. It saves time. 2. It saves money. 3. Lowers stress. 4. Eases unpacking and cleaning.


This process is really simple but can be time consuming. Decluttering your home before your move gives you great benefits, costs less, less to move, less to unpack and you will feel a sense of relief. You don’t want to suffer from a crowded home full of things you won’t need to use. Start by reducing the physical and mental weight of your belongings months before you start packing and moving. We are here to help you out and are here to provide you with tips to help you declutter.

You can start by making 4 piles for your items.

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Toss

For keep - Don’t let your feelings cover your judgment and keep only what you know you are going to use. Be strict on the process or it will be worthless.

Sell - One man’s trash is another ones treasure so they say... Think twice before donating. This if someone could really benefit from whatever you are trying to sell. You can sell your belongings on online, (Kijiji, ebay, etc.)

Donate - Some of your belongings might not be worth too much. That doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. There is always the option to donate to a local charity or some of your friends.

Toss - If it is broken, needs repair or has been sitting in the same place for years, it’s ready to throw it away.




Make a list of items you plan on taking to your new home and a list of things to sell, donate and toss.

If you can, don’t put a time limit to decluttering. Try to aim for one room a day or weekend. Set a reminder on your smart phone or calendar. Take your time and don’t try to clean your whole home in one weekend.

Buy proper storage bins that are sturdy enough to hold enough weight. Example don’t pack books in a big plastic bin.



Decluttering room by room



There is no need to pack up 5 spatulas, wooden spoons with cracks, or 40 coffee mugs that you have collected on your travels. All these items will eventually clog up your new kitchen. They key is to pick a couple (split collection in half, pick a few favourites) that are all in good shape. The rest can be sold, tossed or donated depending on the shape.

Toss all expired food, this one is obvious but some people’s pantries are still filled with a few items that expired last fall. If you do have any food that is not expired and you don’t want to keep – you can donate it. We can provide you with a Move for Hunger box on your move day and will donate your perishable items to Partners in Mission Food Drive.

If you are the entertaining type and like to collect mismatched pots and pans, cutlery, glasses or dishes try and sort out a few favourites. These items may work when serving a big crowd but not while moving.

Every household has a junk drawer in their kitchen. Clean out the old pens pencils and rubber bands that were once around the newspaper. Don’t forget to keep the organizers (if you had any).

You can recycle all those plastic food containers that have cut marks or spaghetti sauce stains- you will not miss those.



Don’t feel guilty about those broken items with missing pieces. These things may be items you can no longer use. Try and recycle when you can, although some things you may have to toss in the garbage.

Most magazines you have (that you probably haven’t read and won’t read) can be recycled or the newer ones can be donated.




When you are cleaning your closet do you ever find yourself picking out the items you just threw in the donate pile because “you may wear it again someday” or has “sentimental value”? Use the rule if you haven’t worn it in the past year, if it isn’t your size, needs repair, not age appropriate - it’s time to part ways. Exclude excessive accessories. When was the last time you wore those earrings, belt, shoes or hat? If you can’t remember..... TOSS!




Do you collect shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and hair product? You test them out and end up not liking it, but you feel too guilty to throw away that whole bottle of conditioner. Donate these items to homeless shelter. Clean the linen closet; all those old towels and blankets can be donated to the human society.




Shred those files you won’t need and if you think you will need them at some point, scan them! Donate the books you have read or never intend to read. If you need storage bins for paper, bankers boxes or file boxes are the best. Don’t buy them until you know how many you need.


Furniture & Décor

Make sure the items you want (bed, dresser, appliances, kitchen table, china cabinet) have a place in your new home. Keep the pieces you love or that you will repurpose. Don’t let the pieces that you say you want to refinish sit in the garage, take up much needed space and collect dust.

If you want to get rid of some furniture donate or sell it. This means you may have to create a whole new look if it’s in your budget! Don’t get rid of everything, just the things that you are tired of looking at. Don’t hold on to it if that picture that has faded in the sun or are hoping that crystal bowl comes back in style.



Considering Storage?

There is always an option for storage while selling your home. You may want a place to store those personal items, camping gear, Christmas ornaments or anything that is taking up too much space. The key is to clear countertops, eliminate personal photos or items, fridge magnets, and especially move furniture away from the walls.


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